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We offer a wide variety of bikes, parts, clothing, accessories, helmets, shoes, and much more. Use our online store to check availability of specific items at a Cycle U branch closest to you!

Full-Service Repair

We offer full repair services at both our locations. Knowledgeable repairs on everything from flat tires to adding upgrades to new bikes. Expert wheel truing, boxing and assembling bikes, basic tune-ups and overhauls.

Bike Fitting

A proper bike fit by a knowledgeable, experienced professional is an essential component to healthy, optimized cycling long term. In addition to increasing performance, bike fits can either prevent or remedy overuse injuries, or correct for morphological discrepancies. Like the rest of Cycle U’s programs, our bike fits focus on empathy, experience, and precision.



“Hi Craig,

I’m writing to share my experiences w/one of your employees.

2 weeks ago, nearing the end of my ride, my cassette started rattling. I wheeled into your W. Sea shop at about 5:40pm and asked if there was a mechanic on duty. Reinhout (sp?) indicated that he could help me and quickly had my bike on the work stand. Instead of merely re-tightening my cassette, Reinhout conducted a thorough diagnostic and determined that my spacer was the incorrect size. By now, it was after 6:00pm – closing time – but Reinhout continued his assessment of my cassette. What’s more, he located the correct size spacer, installed same, and re-assembled the rear wheel cluster/adjusted the shifting. What I thought would take a few minutes became more involved, thus requiring Reinhout to remain in the shop after business hours…which he happily did.

Last week, during my ride, I noticed that the shifting in my rear derailleur was becoming increasingly tight. Again, I entered Cycle U. at close to closing time asking if there was a simple fix. Again, Reinhout was there and eager to diagnose my shifting problems. With my bike on the work stand, Reinhout performed a thorough exam and identified several possible reasons for tight shifting: he cleaned and lubed the cables and cleared all friction points with compressed air. When none of these interventions solved the problem, Reinhout peeled back the brake handle hood and revealed a badly frayed cable. It was, by now, after closing time and I suggested that I drop my bike for repair some other time. Reinhout indicated that he was happy to help me out and went to work. Shortly, I was back on my bike and riding home.

My experiences w/Reinhout made a lasting impression on me and ensures that I will be a regular customer of Cycle U henceforth (more importantly, I will encourage my fellow cyclists to visit your shop). Also, Reinhout’s dedication and single-minded focus on customer service is rarely seen in the contemporary retail environment…he deserves the very highest accolades for his commitment to customer care.




“Hello Reinout,

I am a West Seattle resident and an avid bicycle commuter from May until about mid-September. I love riding my bike and get pretty obsessed with it in the summer months. On two separate occasions, your team has saved the day for me.

In June, I crashed on my way to work in order to avoid a car that abruptly lurched in front of me. I was shook up, scratched up, but the worst thing was the brakes got all messed up and rubbed my tire. I got to work in the SODO area and stopped by your WS shop on my way home. The repair area was slammed, and I was desperate because I couldn’t imagine having to miss a day of commuting on my bike if I couldn’t get it fixed. The sales associate (didn’t catch his name) took my bike, did a minor true of the front tire, and then noticed the brakes (of my one month old bike), had not been installed quite right, and took the initiative to adjust those. I asked how much I owed…the answer was nothing! During this time, another older lady came in with her bike and needed help adjusting her seat. I watched YOU adjusted it easily and send her on her happy way.

Then to top it all off, this afternoon I decided to try to fix the squeak in my front brakes. I watched a YouTube and thought I knew what to do. Well, I really messed things up and before I knew it, my brakes were rubbing bad and I couldn’t get it fixed. I was almost in tears with the thought of not being able to ride to work in the morning. We threw my bike in the car and headed to WS Cycle U. This was late in the day, but Barrett happily fixed my brakes and again…did not charge me a thing! During this time, a dad and son came in with a brake issue which another associate quickly fixed at no charge. We left a nice donation in the coffee fund, and I will tell 10+ people what great service you and your team provide.

I can’t thank you enough! I will highly recommend Cycle U to all my friends, family and co-workers.

Please pass the kudos on to your team. They have such a helpful and friendly attitude, and great attention to customer service. You are building a great reputation in West Seattle. Thank you!!


“Hello Craig,

We talked briefly in July when I was visiting your WS location and shopping for a bike.
I praised your staff for the remarkable service and I wanted to do it more formally here.
Everyone was proactively offering help, all “present” and authentically so, all knowledgeable (or sought someone else who was), all endeavored to find out just what fit my needs and interests rather than sell me a product.
Really, everyone was a standout.
Linnea, who answered my questions and connected me with Barrett. She installed my odometer too while Eric set up my new bike.
Barrett, who helped me trial several bikes–and patiently.
Jeff, who installed the accessories I bought and some from by old Trek–all smiles and information.
Reinout, who fixed my helmet mirror several weeks earlier (no charge) and prompted me to visit again. Seems he sets the excellent tone for the shop.
Erick, who helped me with information and advice.

Clearly, you too must be acknowledged as the source of excellence as you hired and employ them.

I shopped two other stores before I came back to purchase my new bike. You are the best.