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BG Fit logo_red_for white and black background_CMYK (1)<< Winter Fit Promo!! We are promoting our top-end Body Geometry Fit (details below) with a big Fall/Winter discount.  Any fit scheduled before December 31, 2014 will receive a $100 discount off of the regular price of $300.  World class bike fitting isn’t only for world class riders.  Step up your game and get your position dialed! >>


A proper bike fit is essential to health and efficiency on the bike. A quality bike fit will prevent overuse injuries and maximize performance.

Cycle U coaches have fitted professionally for road, track, triathlon, cyclocross, and mountain bike riders since 1994 and have been trained in Specialized Body Geometry Fit, the leading performance and medical fitting methodology. Dr. Andy Pruitt, who founded the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and fits many of the top pro riders in the world, has trained us personally so that we can offer you the best fit possible.

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Body Geometry Fit – $300-$350:

The ultimate bike fit. Each BG fit begins with an 18-point assessment of the rider’s strength, flexibility, and anatomy. The fit continues with adjustments to all contact points until the bike and rider are in harmony with one another. This option truly leaves no stone unturned. Allow 3 hours for a full BG fit.  Read more about the BG method here.

Performance Fit – $150:

The Performance Fit applies the methodology of the Body Geometry Fit on a smaller scale, and is perfect for the newer rider who wants to improve their performance and avoid overuse injury. Your fitter will focus on injury history and existing discomfort in order to shape the bike to the demands of the body.  Begins at 90 minutes.

Performance Re-Fit – $100:

We offer the Re-Fit as an option for riders who have been fit before, and want to touch up their position due to changes in their flexibility, injury, or riding goals. This service is ideal for the rider whose fit is mostly sound, but needs minor adjustments to particular areas.  Begins at 60 minutes.

Cleat Adjustment – $75:

The foot-pedal interface is arguably the most crucial contact point in a rider’s position. Issues with cleat angle and location can make a rider susceptible to injury and rob them of power. The cleat adjustment optimizes the position of each cleat in multiple dimensions, taking into account foot structure and ankle and knee alignment. Begins at 30 minutes.

The Cycle U Guarantee:

All of our fit services carry a one year guarantee. If you have any issues with your fit and want to revisit elements of your position, we will get you in for a followup, free of charge.

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