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Some of Cycle U’s first offerings, and perhaps our most renowned, are our wide assortment of innovative group classes. We offer everything from introductory road classes that teach the fundamentals of riding in pace lines and safe bike handling, to advanced race classes for nearly every discipline of the sport. These outdoor classes are held from February until the end of September.

From the end of September until the 1st of May we hold indoor riding classes at both location called ICE (Indoor Cycling Elite). These are wattage based workouts on lab-accurate Computrainers and led by outstanding local racers and coaches who don’t ride, they coach. Check out the ICE page for more info.

Visit our Online Scheduling Center to Sign up, search by date

Class Type Time of year Description & Signup
Indoor Cycling™ ICE™ September – May HERE
Racing Classes February – May HERE
Road Classes/Bootcamp March – August HERE
Kids Learn to Ride May – August HERE
Cyclocross/Bootcamp August – November HERE
Mountain Bike March – July HERE
Triathlon January – August HERE

Our Teams are open to new members and also offer many “how-to” clinics as part of the team package, please go HERE for more information on our Road, Cyclocross, Mountain and Triathlon Teams.