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Cyclocross – Have you heard of the fastest growing cycling sport in the NW? Cyclocross combines running with your bike, leaping over 15inch high man-made barriers like steeplechase, and riding a short 1-2mile circuit. Races are plentiful September through December and last from 20 minutes for beginners to 1hr for elite. Cycle U offers a basic instruction course of 2 hours getting you started or helping you eliminate the hop called Cross 101, and a 6 week Bootcamp to rock your cross world and get you fully ready for your best season yet.

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Cross 101

This is an on-bike introduction class to teach you the basic skills of getting on and off your bike, how to run with a bike and get over the barriers. A great way to keep your summer fitness going in the fall. Cost: $30. Clinic held at Cycle U Training Facilities located in Magnuson Park . You don’t need a cross bike to do this class. You can bring any road, mountain, or hybrid bike you want. Includes a free pass to try a local Seattle Series race and the information you need to get started. Cyclocross is a great family event with free kids racing at each venue. We will give you everything you need to get started in this great introductory course.

Cross Bootcamp

Top local coaches, hands on coaching and ideal workouts give you everything you need to rock the cross season. Open to any level, new or experienced, join us every Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks, starting Tuesday August 5th for conditioning and skills that will have you confident, fit and ready for your best cross season yet! Topics include:

  • starting techniques
  • cornering and descending in all conditions
  • visualization and self-talk coaching
  • riding in sand
  • barriers and transitions
  • gear and equipment, taking care of your bike
  • ideal workouts and intervals in every session
  • plus lots more

Taught by some of the best cross racers around (Craig Undem WA State champion and Worlds Team 96, Kristi Berg State Series Champion 7 years, Steve Fisher State Champ and other great Cycle U coaches). Cost is $400 which includes training plan during for the full 6 weeks of bootcamp with optional full season plan at a discounted rate. (Cycle U Team and Cascade members will receive their discounts the first week of bootcamp). Bring running shoes and cross or mountain bike, classes are held at Magnuson Park rain or shine.

“Get in line cadet and get ready for your best cross season ever!”

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Cyclocross August – November HERE


Sample testimonial:

Hi Craig and Kristi,

Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome cycling boot-camp! I rode in my first race today at Stealicoom and felt totally prepared from beginning to end. I found myself drawing on so many of the lessons from your classes as I worked my way through the pack today including the value of a pre-ride, picking good lines, looking through turns, riding through loose sand and gravel, and even reciting parts of the mantra as I was climbing the last couple of the hills on my final lap. Fitness-wise, I know that the core work and drills were there for me too. Can’t wait for my next race!!! You’re both amazing coaches and I’m hoping to jump into another camp at Cycle-U next fall.

Thanks again!


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