Performance Testing

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Performance Testing can be used to establish heart rate and power zones, and allows you to monitor training by setting quantified benchmarks.

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We begin with weigh in, power meter calibration, and warm up. The test consists of maximal efforts of various durations to measure your neuromuscular, anaerobic, maximal aerobic, and functional threshold power.  In addition to establishing training zones, a “power profile” can tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are, which is helpful in guiding training.

We provide immediate feedback on your results.  Our coaches will help you decide where to go next with your training and racing based on your strengths and goals. You will also receive a full print out of all data with coaches recommendations.  When combined with a coaching consultation, your instructor will provide a detailed daily training plan for up to eight weeks.  As if that weren’t enough, power profiling is also a great workout!

Performance Testing sessions are held at the Cycle University Training Center in Sand Point and cost $150 for an individual and $80 per person for groups of between 5-8. Allow two hours.

Example screenshot from PerfPRO Analyzer software. More info here.

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