Our Coaches

All of our coaches have been through a rigorous screening process and have meet our high standard of excellence in Cycling. Their racing and coaching experience combined with sport science training from USA Cycling have given them the equivalent of a Masters degree in cycling. Our minimum requirements include:

  • USA Cycling Coaching certification or equivalent
  • One or more years of coaching experience
  • Four years racing or riding at a high level
  • Mastery of at least one racing discipline: Road, Cyclocross, Track, Triathlon, Mountain, Juniors, Ultra-distance, etc.
  • Experience teaching and working with riders in one-on-one and group settings

Once a coach has passed the interview process and has been selected, they are trained at Cycle University’s Coaches Academy. After they receive this cutting edge training they are then supervised directly by Head Coach Craig Undem. They also receive ongoing education through national level expert clinics and undergo periodic review and testing of their abilities along with peer review. We know our coaches are the best and we are very excited to see the improvement they can make with your training and performance.

We also put together team packages for groups of any size. These range from private time at one of our training centers to outdoor and field clinics.

Please fill out our Cycle U Coaching Questionnaire if you would like to be matched up with a coach.

Name Role
Craig Undem Dean of Cycle U, Athlete, Road & Track Coach; BodyGeometry Fit
Colin Gibson Athlete; Road and Track coach; ICE Coaching Director; Bike Fitting
Haven Barnes Athlete; Triathlon Coach
Tom Meloy Athlete; Road & HPC Team Coach
Kristi Berg Athlete; Cyclocross, Mountain (DH and XC), & Road Coach; Bike Fitting
Mary Craig Athlete; Nutrition & Triathlon Coach; ICE Coordinator; Customer Service
Steve Fisher Athlete; Road, Junior, & Cyclocross Coach
Jessica Cutler Athlete; Road, Track, & Cyclocross Coach; ICE Coach
Tom Phillips Cyclocross & MTB coach
Jeff Neubert Athlete; ICE coach