Private Lessons

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Private lessons are targeted one-on-one sessions between you and a coach covering whatever topic you wish. After we evaluate your needs, we provide skills demonstrations, drills, and direct feedback to help you make quick improvements.

Private tutoring can involve putting a bicycle on an indoor trainer to discuss shifting, showing you a route for your commute, or working on your climbing and descending technique.  The possibilities are endless.

Typically a private tutoring session will be held at at the Cycle Universities Training Centers at Sand Point or West Seattle and is available weekdays, evenings and weekends.

We offer private lessons at the affordable premium of $80/hr, or $300 for four hours. Depending on your goals, your coach may recommend a single longer lesson, or recurring sessions biweekly to master a new skill.

We also perform private group lessons.  These are perfect for the team or training group looking to build skill together, whether you are interested in racing, training together for STP, or simply becoming safer, more efficient riders.  We use a sliding price scale, details below.

Number of Riders Hourly Rate Hourly Rate per Rider
1 $80 $80
2 $120 $60
3 $144 $48
4 $156 $39
5 $164 $32.80
6 $168 $28
7 $172 $24.57
8 $176 $22
9 $180 $20
10 $184 $18.40

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Please contact us with questions at or call 206-523-1122.

Examples of Private Lessons :

  • learning to ride two wheels for kids and adults for the first time
  • getting confidence back after a crash
  • getting started again after 20 years of not riding
  • learning to use your new shifters and brakes
  • cornering with a group
  • hill climbing
  • tactical race course previewing
  • drafting
  • interval lessons
  • cyclocross or mountain bike skills
  • learning to use clipless pedals without falling
  • how to get started commuting to work, route finding

We can help you become the athlete of your dreams!